Apr. 3rd, 2013

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Taxicab Ride to Hell
Scott Wannberg 2001

By the seventh sea
by the drunk’s acceptance speech
by the looks of my lost ability to see clearly
by the edge of all accessible exits
I hear the taxicab ride to hell
spewing toxic drama and loud crapshoot temperature
I needed to get some sleep
I needed to find some assurance
The doctor came in and began to dance
He said I will be young one day
By the clairvoyant hootenanny dance floor
By the leprechaun light
By the oxygen tank love affair
You can feel the beginning of this long ago prayer
It says You are the One who Will Not be Burned by the Sun
It says You are the Tune that will Teach us to Love One Another
Yeah sure
The dark energy claps its unruly hands loud
and makes my hearing wince
Come on baby, let me take you to a place where nobody has to apologize ever
Come on baby, let me whisper my new tabula rasa
Dogs will have their sniffing day
And Monsters can stand all incoming heat
Let me see you shimmy in the radiation heartland
Let me see you bop to the oldies
The taxicab ride to hell has room for you and me and a whole lot more
Bring your albums, bring your fears and hopes
We got all day we got all night
Around and around the defenses we roll
The black pirate flag of I need you begins to fly
The raging seas begin to siphon us into their plans
The taxicab ride to hell is a mighty fine adventure
Come on baby, bring your justice bring your art
Meteor showers will inaugurate us
Tapdancers will take us to dinner
We got all the time in all the worlds
The unruly chimpmunks are writing our love notes
They are having a very fun time
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American Rose

1 ½ part Brandy
1/8 part Homemade Grenadine
½ Peach (peeled and mashed)
1/8 part Pernod Absinthe
Champagne to top

Shake ingredients (excluding Champagne) and strain into a chilled coupe
glass. Top with champagne. Optional garnish-peach slice.


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