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Let Everybody Come In
Scott Wannberg
February 24, 2009
Listening to A Bigger Piece of Sky
by Robert Earl Keen

I’m too dense and stupid, I suppose
to understand the rabid hatred and fear people have for people they
don’t know.

Relationships are difficult countries,
you file your citizenship papers and hope for the best
in a world of killing and war.

How can love be an evil?
Doesn’t matter if the love is between a man and a woman.
Certainly doesn’t matter if it’s between a man and a man, or a woman and
a woman.

Love is just too damn hard to find
on a planet bent on ethnic cleansing, racial hatred and murderous intent
in the name of whatever god you break bread with.
One should bow down, applaud, when love walks by.

The heart is a torn planet
spinning out of control at times.

I’m just too dense and stupid, I suppose
when hate filled fearful people tell me god wants certain humans to go
to hell
for following their hearts.
They claim they read it all in some bestselling book.
Man shall not lay with man,
they snap.

Somewhere in the same book,
guess it depends on your translation,
it says do not kill, and love your neighbor.
Okay, I guess the book is schizo and uneven,
maybe it needs editing and clarifying.

Is god Ahab bent on harpooning all humans that look to him like
Moby Dick, or is god the daddy of Jesus who said you gotta give it up and love?
Can god give it up and love?

Ye shall not do this and that.

If I see 2 men or women in love,
it makes my worn out heart smile.
Let everybody into the party,
it’s not going to be going on forever.

Ye shall pull back your venom.
Ye shall examine your own spirit.

Has anger, fear, and hate gnawed on you enough
that you’ve become a shrill foghorn in the opaque night?
Dan White killed Harvey Milk and George Moscone
in a city reportedly famous for its tolerance,
they said Twinkies were the reason.

In that book these angry people keep referring to
it says nothing about Twinkies giving you the right to kill others.
Later Dan White would kill himself.
Harvey Milk, George Moscone, and Dan White deserved to live to be
old toothless hermits
wandering the lost highways of our weaving lives.

It’s time to find a better book,
a book that condemns none for being true to themselves
and their feelings.
God I guess created psychiatrists
because poor humans have difficulty in their feelings.

I’m too dense and stupid, I know,
but people in love give our species hope.
A man has a right to love a man,
a woman has a right to love a woman.
I never read any book that said love was evil,
if I did, I’d send it back to the publisher and ask for a refund.

Everybody can come to the dance,
the band will implode soon enough.
There are a thousand and one ways to hate and die every day.
If you see love, jump for joy and shout as loud as you can,
you might not see it again for a long time.

When you’re done reading this ramble,
reach out to the one you love and sing them a song.
If you haven’t anyone to love,
sing to yourself,
sing it loud
and deny books that preach hate and violence
no matter its position on the bestseller list.

I’m dense and stupid and empathetic and goofy
as I bump against the walls
mostly John Prine

The heart is a torn planet,
it needs mending daily.

This poem goes out to all lovers;
heterosexual, homosexual.

Love comes, goes, builds a house, runs away.
The species rolls across the earth,
I guess you could call it exercise.
Exercise the heart,
be who you are.
Rock Hudson had to live a double life,
it’s hard enough living one life.

No more reasons to cover yourself up under the tarp,
the rain may be coming down.
Raise yourself up and feel it on your face,
nobody can truly plan the weather for tomorrow,
but I want to see you out there
bopping to the rhythm section of your soul.


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