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I work on not taking a political stance on here, because this should be a free zone from that. But I keep looking around at people I know on here and a few other online places and see lemmings. And I just need to say these things, and hope maybe someone will listen and engage their brain.

How many of us are old enough to remember when abortion was illegal? When the answer for a woman was to have someone perform this surgery in a filthy environment, without medications, on a kitchen table by a mother or friend, or in a bathroom by herself? How many of us know women that died from this horror? Or were left sterile and unable to have a wanted child? I am, and I knew women in that position.

How many of us remember when the answer to birth control was left up to men? When if it wasn’t a condom it just wasn’t allowed? How many of us faced having to pay insane prices, and still do, for birth control?

How about equal rights? The right as women to work when and where we want? To be able to vote, to have a say in what happens in our country and our lives?

Maybe we should also think about segregation. Most of us can remember when color was an issue. And it was illegal to marry someone outside your own race. Or to be denied a decent and equal education because you weren’t born the right shade of beige.

How many of us profess to support gay rights? How many of us actually do anything about that? Or really believe that people have the right to love and marry whomever they choose?

How many of you are on disability or assistance of some kind? What happens when the system defaults to an earlier time when what you get is limited and things taken away? I know at least one of you can’t get a certain health care need anymore because it’s no longer a covered benefit.

I’m going to ask that you stop and think about what this country was actually founded on. Not what some current or recent politician said, but the actual facts. This country was founded on separation of church and state. Our forefathers were clear in that, God doesn’t belong in politics. And better yet, God was specific in that. He wanted nothing to do with mankind and the government.

That said, this election will determine what you have and won’t have. Do you want to lose that right to govern your own body? Do you want to return to the days of a dirty coat hanger shoved inside you to abort a child you can’t take care of or is the result of a rape or incest? Do you want to go back to not having a say in your own sex life? Do you want to lose the freedoms that our mothers and grandmothers and even we ourselves have fought to get? Do you want to deny a part of our countrymen and women what should be basic human rights? Do you want to ignore the basis that this country was founded on? Or that your God has stated he wants no part of?

Quit being a lemming. Go out and learn the facts. Learn what people stand for, and what they actually have or haven’t done. I don’t care of your good buddy Susie or Billy or whomever said this or that. Maybe they’re wrong. Don’t be ignorant. Think, read, learn the facts before you take away your own and my rights.


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